VINE – The Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems

Numéro spécial Communauté GeCSO
VINE – The Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems
Volume 42 issue 3/4
Special Issue: Papers from the GeCSO Conference 2011
Guest editor(s): Vincent Ribière and Jean-Louis Ermine link)



Knowledge management in a French research community: a case study of GeCSO congress
Claude Paraponaris, Jean-Louis Ermine, Claude Guittard, Pascal Lièvre (pp. 302 – 320)
Keywords: Activity theory-based approach, Business modelling, Knowing communities, Knowing in action, Knowledge engineering, Knowledge management, Knowledge modelling, Knowledge transfer, Situated learning, Tacit knowledge

Towards an architecture of organizational learning: Insights from French military aircrews
Cécile Godé, Pierre Barbaroux (pp. 321 – 334)
Keywords: Action learning, Armed forces, Debriefing, France, Learning from experience, Learning organizations, Organizational learning

Diversity and knowledge sharing: An analysis of integration processes in multinational firms (MNFs)
Virginie Jacquier-Roux, Claude Paraponaris (pp. 335 – 349)
Keywords: Corporate strategy, Diversity, Innovation networks, Integration, Knowledge sharing, Research and development, Social networks

Multilevel effects of a method of expert’s knowledge transfer
Martine Gadille, Julien Machado (pp. 350 – 364)
Keywords: Evaluation, Explicit knowledge, Knowledge modelling methodology, Knowledge transfer, Learning organizations, Organizational learning, Tacit knowledge

Knowledge communities: towards a re-thinking of intergenerational knowledge transfer
Kerstin Kuyken (pp. 365 – 381)
Keywords: Age groups, Communities, Generations, Knowledge management, Knowledge sharing, Knowledge transfer, Organizations

Organizational devices for knowledge management: Proposal for a crossover perspective between knowledge sciences and communication sciences
Benoit Le Blanc, Jean-Luc Bouillon (pp. 382 – 395)
Keywords: Communication, Communication sciences, Knowledge, Knowledge management practices, Knowledge management tools, Knowledge sciences, Knowledge transfer

Building knowledge for innovation management: The experience of the Umanlab research team
Valérie Chanal (pp. 396 – 415)
Keywords: Collaborative research, Design research, Innovation, Innovation management, Interdisciplinary research, Knowledge management, Methodological knowledge, Rigour-relevance debate

Creativity and knowledge management
Pierre Saulais, Jean-Louis Ermine (pp. 416 – 438)
Keywords: Creativity, Innovation, Innovation management, Intellectual capital, Intellectual corpus, Knowledge management, Knowledge-based innovation, Organizations, System approach